Grayson Books sponsors two annual contests; one for full-length manuscripts and one for chapbooks. See the Contests page for more information.

Poetry Books
Grayson Books is a small press that publishes a handful of books each year. We value the opportunity to work closely with our authors, but our standards are high. If you are interested in publishing with Grayson Books, please send a sample of 6-10 pages of the manuscript, along with a statement of your qualifications and publication credits, expected audience and promotion ideas. To do this, email the editor: with your information and attach a Word document with your sample poems.

You will receive feedback on your proposal within two months; very often it only takes a couple of weeks. If your proposal seems promising, we will ask for more details and a complete manuscript so we can give it more thorough evaluation.  Our books are carefully designed. They are featured on our web site and available through Although we send out press releases and some review copies, our most successful authors do a lot of their own promotion work.