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Burger King of the Dead by John Surowiecki

Burger King of the Dead by John Surowiecki

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Early in John Surowiecki’s Burger King of the Dead, the narrator of “I am a Comic Book” describes growing up as a boy of steel and being in love with every woman on earth. Other narrators adore birds, gardening, and eccentrics—like the itinerant preacher Lorenzo Dow and the mental patient who helps a family grow the biggest Big Boy tomatoes. Mobsters also memorize Milton, Zeus writes emails from Florida, and Roy Lichtenstein puts in a cameo appearance. Burger King of the Dead is by turns enchanting and elegiac, but also wickedly witty and unfailingly musical; Surowiecki tosses off gorgeous lines so casually you’d think they were a dime a dozen. This book will break your heart, if you let it. —Katherine E. Young, author of Woman Drinking Absinthe and Day of the Border Guards



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