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Maybe I Should Fly by Shafiqa and Farida Labib

Maybe I Should Fly by Shafiqa and Farida Labib

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In Maybe I Should Fly, sisters Shafiqa and Farida Labib counter the constant media coverage of violence that numbs the world's hearts and minds. Their poems keep Afghan women from being reduced to daily statistics. Shafiqa shows how they struggle to preserve the dignity of life by becoming "the patient stone against all your cruelty." Coupled with poems about other women are moving, personal ones like those by Farida, who lost more than her homeland; she shares her grief over the death of a beloved husband. These brave sisters know that terrorists won't be tamed, injustice won't be eliminated, but believing the power of human love will prevail, Farida tells her son "Don't be afraid, live happily." Read these powerful, visceral poems of witness to ultimately find hope for a different future for the world. -- Vivian Shipley



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