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Sea Nettles: New & Selected Poems by Sue Ellen Thompson

Sea Nettles: New & Selected Poems by Sue Ellen Thompson

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The poems in Sea Nettles explore relationships between people of three generations as they evolve over decades. At the center of many of the poems is a transgender child. The child's stubborn, gritty insistence on being true to herself is revealed, as well as the mother's struggles to come to terms with her child's identity, and the grandfather's loving relationship with this child. Like so many of us, the speaker in these poems often attempts to take refuge in "Foolish wishes, passing thoughts, dreams abandoned..." but she can't avoid the sharp truths that come with complicated relationships. And whose relationships, if they are true, if they are deep, are ever free of complications?

"I love how this collection gives us decades of insight into a family, offers epiphanies that are only available after many years have gone by. These are personal poems with a wide perspective, intimate poems that take the long view. Old dreams, old lenses, old shames and old losses are met with a new spaciousness and clarity. Each poem is like a stepping stone that bridges the present and the past." --Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, author of Hush

Read a sample poem here: No Children, No Pets by Sue Ellen Thompson



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